Management Structure

Board Structure

Honorary President   David Astin
Honorary Chairman   Steve Graley
Hon. Vice Chairman   Vacant
Hon. Treasurer   Richard Spychalski

Board Members;
Steve Graley,  David Astin, Ian Beaumont, Dave Donald, Allan Scholefield, Ian Rodger, Richard Spychalski, Dean Morgan, Tom Dalton.

Rugby & Football

The Board meet every month. Meeting dates at the bottom of this page.

Board Responsibilities

The Board is responsible for the management of the whole of the Laund Hill site and to ensure that we maintain and grow sports participation for future generations.

Board Mission Statement

To Promote and widen the experience, enjoyment and benefits of sport whether through playing, coaching, watching or just spending quality time through the use of the facilities available.

Board Members

The Board consists of ordinary members, all the sports sections are represented by at least one member, they must be full members of the association.

Anyone can be a member of the board. They must be full members and put their name forward at the AGM which is held in March. If a vacancy is available, a member seeking to join the Board need to be proposed and seconded by two other full members, They will be elected at the AGM and will be eligible to vote at board meetings thereafter.

All board meetings are on the Third Tuesday of the month at 6.00pm start except the AGM starts at 5.30pm.

This is your club

The board manage the assets on behalf of the members.


We are a members club at Laund Hill Community Sports Park

Your own time and money are crucial to the current and future running of the club.

Any member can ask to attend a board meeting to discuss an item of concern or propose improvements for the sections or the site, although most prefer to get their representative to bring these items up on their behalf.

Most of the management of the Laund Hill Community Sports Park is run by volunteers, over 100 individuals, who have an interest in sport or they may have a relative playing in a particular team, help run and maintain some of the finest amateur sports facilities in the North of England.
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