Loyalty Cards

In response to Members’ requests, The Club introduced a Loyalty/Swipe card.  The card not only acts as a Membership Card but also allow Members to take advantage of Member-only bar prices.  

The Member-only prices are generally 10% lower than the displayed price list, which is already advantageous when compared with general price levels in the town. The Member-only prices will only be applied when the Membership/swipe card is produced at the bar.

Cards are issued by the office but may be collected from the bar by arrangement.


The card can be pre-loaded with cash at the bar – minimum load of £10.

You can use cash or credit or debit cards to load the card. You will now be able to use the cash on the card for bar purchases, no need to carry cash, the card is secure and safe, if it is stolen report it immediately and further purchases will not be charged against your account balance.

Receipts for purchases and balance remaining will be issued each time the card is used.

Lost cards should be reported immediately to the Office; there will be a charge for a replacement card.

Each cards will be loaded with the Member’s HYMCA Membership number so it can be returned to the Member if lost and returned to the Club.

Currently the Loyalty Card only covers bar purchases.